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A feeble attempt to document my transgression into programmerhood

After my first "Hello World" program in grade 9 (that rites of passage from average Joe to wannabe programmer,) I was hooked. Though I never actually learned anything useful that year, I begun my quest to write the ultimate program. By the end of the year, I had made a game which quickly became popular. More popular than my teacher's "167 easy steps to print" computer lesson anyway. I actually wrote it during that class cuz I figured out CTRL-P worked too. It was a DOS casino game where you take bets, and win or lose. Today, it is held captive in one of many 5.25 disks (which only held 300K!) Ever since my IBM 286 PC exploded (yes, exploded,) I haven't been able to unlock it. I don't think they even make 5.25 disk drives anymore.

When my trusted 286 (which ran some 386 games!) exploded like the fourth of July, I knew all my golden QB programs died with it. Later that week, I switched to my first power computer. A Pentium 100, which cost over fourth thousand bucks back then. QBasic compiled a lot faster on that! Vbasic was a little sluggish, though at least my computer could run it!

By grade ten, I had gotten my first computer book, and begun compiling all sorts of 'Hello World!'s. I eventually quit after losing the excitement. No wait... I ran out of hard disk space, so I had to delete VB to make room for Warcraft, and later on, Warcraft II, and much later on, Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness. And oh yea, my computer crashed and I lost all my programs since then.

When I finally got a new hard drive, fifteen months later, everything was back on track. And now, the creations you see before you are saved on my not-so-trusted Quantum Fireball, which failed within weeks.

To Be Continued...