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CharlieSoft: Our stuff's 50% softer than other software.


Latest Releases:

Tea Time version 1.19.0076 & Time Check version 1.03.0008 Major Update! (99/11/18)
A systems activity recording device. A neat little clock sits on your desktop, telling you how long you have been on the computer. It can be programmed to beep at certain intervals to remind yourself to take a break or whatever. That latest versions are all Y2K complient, so you don't have to worry about crashing on midnight. Time Logger ais also packaged with Time Check, which analyzes your time spent online. Time Check provides an detailed summary of all relevant information, including total time spent on the computer in terms of days, hours, etc and average time spent on the computer per session and per day. Handy reference tool if you want to know your computer usage. AND If you're bored, you can tell the clock to bounce around your screen. (Coming soon, a really cool layout.) Y31K compilent. Good until the year 31,500!
This latest version is a generation up from its predessor, time logger. The new version uses more adavanced forms of file manipulation and a more powerful settings panel. Allows DynamicFading and more! Coming soon, built-in screen savers, lock-outs, forced mode, and passwords protection using an unbreakable encryption!

Max View version 1.12.0013
A new and innovative browser using the Internet Explorer engine. This browser uses less memory than other browsers using the same engine, even Iexplore and Neoplanet. Max View also has a cleaner menu bar, with useless functions which clutter the screen removed. Even buttons are hidden to save space. Ultra fast and a large viewing area makes it a favorite. It's like a full screen browser that's fast too! The system requirements are minimal. There's also a cool shut down sequence at the end, and a few insults too.
Latest Update especially compiled for win98 machines though it should work for all. Resolved references were reduced to increase load time. Some files may be missing. If they are, email me for the files.

Coming Soon:

Screen Saver version 1.02 (alpha)
A customizable screen saver with your own message! Two choice of screen savers. One with bouncing lines and patterns, the other is bouncing mesages, preprogrammed. If you want a unique message to be compiled, then you'll have to e-mail me.

Backroom Browser version 1.00.0001 (beta)
A browser designed at people with unusual needs. It can be programmed to visit selected web sites (or any servers at any port) at selected times, or repeatedly. Note, last option is not legal so please don't do it because it may crash small networks by flooding them. This program is useful if you want to artificially increase web traffic to your site (or someone else's.) Ps. using this program to fake clicks on banner ads is considered illegal, so dont do it. They'll know it's faked unless you set it up just right, and I ain't telling.