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Eye Can't See

There's this guy across the street,
Kinda weird, oh yes indeed.
His thoughts were strange,
And I figured he was a freak.
This is what he told me:

The blind had eyes better than I,
For they can see past their sight.
Cherish this gift, for what it's worth.

What does that mean? Was he drunk?
And in a moment I sunk.
I winced and squinted trying to see,
What I saw, I couldn't believe:

Everything looked blured,
And on a foggy day.
I looked straight ahead,
And only shadows appeared.
Could this be a dream, or
Am I visually impaired?
Did I fall into his lair?

I borrowed a friend's glasses;
You know, to check thing out.
Looked like I was in a fun house,
With not even a single way out.

I went to the optometrist
who worked down the block.
Got glasses, heavy as a rock.
Aw, what a price to pay.

I could see clear now,
Hip-hip hooray!
First glance at the world,
I threw my glasses away.

by: Charlie Ma

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