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Falling In Love

Did you ever fall in love-
But knew she didn't care,
Do you ever feel like crying-
But knew it would get you nowhere.

Did you ever look into her eyes-
And say a little prayer,
Did you ever look into her heart-
And wish that you were there.

Did you ever watch her dancing-
With the lights turned way down low-
Did you ever whisper, God I love her so-
But could never let her know.

Did you ever wonder where she is-
And wonder if she's true-
One minute you'll find happiness-
And the next you'll be blue.

So my friend don't fall in love-
The price you pay is high,
If I could choose between love and death-
I think I'd rather die.

So my friend don't fall in love-
No matter what you do,
Just look at me and then you'll know-
Because I've fallen in love with you.

by: Billy Boudreau

Falling In Love is dedicated to all those of us who loved someone, but our everlasting love was not returned as it should have.

(Comments here (above) are from the original author.)

p.s. Billy Boudreau died shortly after he finished this poem, in the summer of 1996 in a motorcycle accident.

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