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I'm Sorry...

I knew there was something...
between you and him,
But I grew to like you so.
I'm sorry i listened to my heart.

I knew I really shouldn't
have tried anything at all,
But i wanted to be with you.
I'm sorry i followed my heart.

I knew you didn't like me,
much less even care,
But I dared to test my chance.
I'm sorry i think with my heart.

I knew of the grey skies,
that trailed your very path.
But i couldn't find reality.
I'm sorry i see with my heart.

I really should have known,
that I didn't have a chance.
But that's just me.
I'm sorry i have a heart.

Dedicated to Michelle Yeh

- by "Anonymous"


And I'm deeply sorry
that I ever spoke my mind.
And I'm truely sorry
that I...

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