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         I give to you

  I give to you
A fire to light inside your heart,
to feel the warm embers glow.
A piece of the sun's warm rays,
to bask in it's firery show.

  I give to you
A piece of a rainbow to color your world,
when all seems totally grey.
Some roses for the sweet perfume,
to kiss your senses with its bouquet.

  I give to you
A sprinkling of some twinkling stars,
to wish upon at night.
The morning dew to kiss the day.
To bask in it's delight.

  I give to you
A summer's breeze to caress your face,
to show that someone cares.
The sweet song of the nightingale,
to remind you that they're always there.

  I give to you
My lasting friendship, always true.
A gift of love to hold inside,
whenever you feel blue,
or just because you need a friend.
This friend... that will always be there for you!!


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