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Featured Poems
of my universe


Funny Poems
The lighter side of poetry.

Title Author
Epigram Lord Byron
A Kiss unknown
Test Nancy
Roses and Violets unknown
My Foot Fungus unknown
T'was the night Before Xmas unknown
Your Face Angie C. G.
Like A Cat Takes to Water Steven J. Mittler
My First Time unknown
The Perfect Man unknown
A Guy Should Say This To A Girl James Mattie
Jack And Jill Unknown

Those that inspire, motivate, that gets us thinking.

Title Author
Around the Corner Henson Towne
A Man Saw A Ball of Gold Stephen Crane
Beauty Robert Nathan
What Do I Want? Kara Douglas
Do I Know You? Ann Wittig
Wishes Katie Klopfer
Bullshit Amneris
I Give to You Katie Klopfer
An Excerpt from Alone Maya Angelou
I'll Remember You Katie Klopfer
To a Friend Robert Eager
Whispers Katie Klopfer
Eyes of Silence Katie Klopfer
Nature's Arms Katie Klopfer
Just Because Unknown
Where? James Allman

Poems of Romance
Romantic rhymes. Beautiful words. Poems related to the 4 letter word.
Most of these are by depressed love-bitten overly-smitten poets.

Title Author
Falling in Love Billy Boudreau
Thru the Park Unknown
Innocent Crush Priscilla Wilson
Goodbye Rafiq Premji
A Tear James C. Taylor
Can I Awaken Katie Klopfer
Faraway Love Unattributed
I'm Sorry Anonymous
How Can I believe? Jilliane Parsianne
Love.. Anonymous
Pieces Katie Klopfer



My Poems
I've quit the poetry writing business for now.
Reading poetry is much more rewarding.

Date Title Author
05/22/98 Half of the World Charlie Ma
05/16/98 My Life Charlie Ma
12/24/97 Yesterday Charlie Ma
12/15/97 The Rock 2 Charlie Ma
11/23/97 The Rock 1 Charlie Ma
11/20/97 Water Drops Charlie Ma
11/13/97 Eye Can't See Charlie Ma
11/03/97 In a Dream Charlie Ma


" Some of the world's greatest feats

were accomplished by people not smart enough

to know they were impossible. "

- Doug Larson

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