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I look into your face
And wonder what you want with me
‘cause everyone wants something
no one hangs around for free

Your eyes are so sincere
And in your lovely smile I bask
As I wonder all the while
What’s behind your pretty mask?

What underneath do you conceal
Devil, demon, angel, sprite
Are you needy, angry, vicious, lost,
Apathetic, filled with fright?

There’s so many ways to suffer now
And life is so confused
Its no wonder that the bulk of us
are sure we’ve been abused

So why don’t you just spit it out
And lay it on the line?
Take off the guise that hides the truth
Be honest just one time

But the world revolves on bullshit
We all balance on the fence
To risk a fall with honesty
I guess just makes no sense.

by: Amneris

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