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'Twas a summer ago when we were here
A summer of smiles, with never a fear
until she said to me, without sob, nor tear
Goodbye, my lover; goodbye

For I loved her, as the stars love night
And my heart for her was strong and right
When first she called me the love of her life
I cried; oh yes, I cried

The touch of her hand was a thing divine
As we sat together in the soft moonshine
We cherished the moments of our fun times
Goodbye, my lover; goodbye

And never a night as I though about her
Did I think about the real way things were
For when she left me, and I saw her
I tried; yes, I tried

But now - yes now; what an empty place
My whole heart is, of no real space
And the kiss I loved, now lives no trace
Goodbye, my lover; goodbye

by: Rafiq Premji

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