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In A Dream

She is like the petals on a rose,
Across the room, saw her and I froze.
I can smell her sweet scent miles away,
Her bright smile let my worries fade.

Far from my dark corner, she shines bright,
Never thought I could feel that high.
She looked at me, and gave a quick smile,
I approached slowly, like a snail.

She left before I could say hello,
I felt the ground collapse below.
Her image on my mind, night and day;
Lost in my dreams, she'll decay...

She never disappeared from my mind,
And my love, I wanted to find.
Through the seasons, leaves turned green and red;
I stayed blue, She's locked in my head.

I did see her walking across the street,
Found courage to talk to my sweet.
She said no, when I had finally asked,
Surprised... that I pulled off the task.

She still remains in most of my thoughts,
But hay! Girls there are lots and lots.
She will always be special to me,
Now I feel both of us are free.

My first crush, I'd rather call love;
My brightest, softest, most gorgeous dove,
Now I can set you free from my mind.
For never ever could both of us bind.

by: Charlie Ma

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