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My Life

There's ups and downs,
and cheers and frowns.
Life ain't so right;
but I see the light.

I don't have a decent
car, boat, nor plane;
but ain't such a pain.
I never worry about
parking spots nor
trafic jams, nor any
oil collusion problems.

I don't live in a
mansion that's ten
miles end to end.
It ain't all bad...
I don't need another
car just to get to
my nine door garage.
I don't need binoculors
To see who rang my bell.

I am not a billionaire,
not even a millionaire too.
But you see, I don't mind,
rich ain't great at all.
Imaine carrying millions
of one dollar bills!
My wallet ain't that thick.

You see my life ain't
no fairy tale. It
really really sucks.
No giddy endings
nor flying dragons
nor enchantments alike.
I haven't even
wrote a book.
The end.

by: Charlie Ma

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