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Nature's Arms

Walking in nature's arms,
secure within it's folds.
Mesmerized by the sights and sounds,
of mother nature's symphony.

Trees bending and swaying,
to the song of the breeze.
Sprinkling hues of reds
and shimmering golds.

Adorning it's base,
with a dress of prestige,
for the eyes to remember,
in the long of the winter.

As I walk through this artistry,
of raining colors and hues,
my eyes soak up,
this pallet of life.

I drink this cup,
from nature's hands,
that give life and rebirth,
with such a pleasing flavor.

The sky above,
adorns my head,
with a blanket of leaves,
now at my feet.

The chill in the air refreshes.
to clear my mind,
of all unpleasent thoughts....
as nature's arms enfold me,
in her magical warmth and care.

- Katie Kloper 1997

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