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Thru the Park

Thru the park
I did dwell.
I loved a boy
And loved him well.
He came and took my heart from me
But now he wants to set me free.

One day he put a strange girl on his knee
And told her things he never told me.
Now I understand why
For she was far prettier than I.

I went straight home that night and said,
"Mother, dear, I'm going to bed."
My father came home late that night
And searched for me from left to right.
Thru my bedroom door he broke
And saw me hanging from a rope.

"Oh daughter, dear, what have you done?
You've killed yourself for one man's son?"
He took a knife and cut me down
And on my dresser this note was found:

Dig my grave and dig it deep.
Of marble stone from head to feet.
And on my stone place a dove.....
To show the world I died for love.

by: unknown

Thru the Park is kinda scary, people please don't think of ever commiting suicide or hurting yourself, life goes on.

(Comments here (above) are from the original author.)

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