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CharlieSoft: Our stuff's 50% softer than other software.

Oct 23, 1999. NEWS Flash:

Tea Timeversion 1.18.0065
Tea Time has replaced Time Logger. Tea time is a gerneration ahead with great improvements. Check it out under Software:Tea Time

Oct 16, 1999.

Time Logger version 1.14.000
I've just upgraded my compiler from VB4 to VB6. Actually, I've had VB6 for a couple months now since VB4 failure but i've just been so satified with javascript all this time. ANYWAY, VB6 allows global variables to be read from all forms so I won't need to implement DDE afterall, saving several hours off the new 1.14 version release coming out soon. It'll be full of goodies so stay tuned. It'll have useful features like alarm clock and stuff, and even a full featured config screen. VB console pop-up in dev in the near future. Eat your heart out, unix! Oh yea, I found out how to use an API call to the windoz kernal for the time data so it'll safe a few cpu cycles.

Latest Releases:

Max View version 1.12.0012
A new and innovative browser using the Internet Explorer engine. This browser uses less memory than other browsers using the same engine, even Iexplore and Neoplanet. Max View also has a cleaner menu bar, with useless functions which clutter the screen removed. Even buttons are hidden to save space. Ultra fast and a large viewing area makes it a favorite. There's also a cool shut down sequence at the end, and a few insults too.

Time Logger version 1.13.0033
A systems activity recording device. A neat little clock sits on your desktop, telling you how long you have been on the computer. It can be programmed to beep at certain intervals to remind yourself to take a break or what ever. If you're bored, you can tell the clock to bounce around your screen.

Coming Soon:

Screen Saver version 1.02 (alpha)
A customizable screen saver with your own message! Two choice of screen savers. If you want a unique message to be compiled, then you'll have to e-mail me.

Backroom Browser version 1.00.0001 (beta)
A browser designed at people with unusual needs. It can be programmed to visit selected web sites (or any servers at any port) at selected times, or repeatedly. This program is useful if you want to artificially increase web traffic to your site (or someone else's.) Note: High settings require a fast computer with lots of RAM. High settings also may crash small networks by flooding them. Nothing like an old fashioned computer duel eh?

CharlieSoft Inc distributes A long line of innovative, and unusual software developed by me. Started originally in 1994, CharlieSoft has since then developed over dozens of programs ranging from weird what-is-that screen savers to ah-shit imitation viruses. Virtually all programs developed by CharlieSoft was written with the BASIC language. Yes, I'm working my way around Java towards other languages and perhaps CharlieSoft will someday release a C++ program. But not likely considering VB is getting more powerful which each release, and they'll probably have a compiler for Linux too. Some people say real programmers don't use BASIC past puberty, and I say that's cuz they couldn't figure out API and active X.